Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sue R's UFO list

Well, here is the start of my list:

1. The Garden- Emie Bishop
2. The Nativity- center panel
3. Fantasy Tryptiche
4. Sea Stars
5. On-going ornaments for my grandkids- I will update with specific ornaments.

I know there are many more, but this is my start.
Sue R

Kathy in MO's 2011 UFO Challenge List

1. Ink Cirlces-Winter Mandala
2. Heartstring Samplery-Rachael Holmes 1842
3. CCN-Summer Seascape Series
4. LHN-Winter Sampler
5. Blkbd-It's Berry Time
6. Hand to Work-This is the Day
7. LHN-Brave Hearts
8. Needleprint- Sarah Moon's Quaker Sampler
9. LHN-Summer House-freebie chart
10.Cherished Stitches-Quaker Halloween
11.Keslyn's-My Day Complete
12.Blkbd-Autumn Song
13.Long Dog-Moulin Rouge
14.Blue Ribbon-Stitches, Stars and Stripes
15.Erica Michaels-Land of Liberty

These are in no particular order. I have lots of BAP's, but I only included 3 of them because I do want to work on them and I also included a project that I am going to start as soon as I receive the supplies.
Now that this is all down in black and white, I probably won't be able to stick to it, but I will try.