Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hope everyone is gathering up their supplies. I have mine ready and will try and start this evening. No school or work today, we had a bit of an snow & ice storm over night. Though I would love to spend the day stitching I can't, the stomach bug is making its rounds and has hit my little Tori again last night. This morning though she is feeling a bit better so maybe that was the last of it. I sure hope so. DH is still feeling crummy though. I hope to take all the Christmas decorations down today and make some soup too. Will be nice to get the house back in order again.


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  2. Sharon-you need to get her some Purell to carry around so she can wash her hands after touching door knobs and stuff. Poor baby catches every bug that goes around doesn't she? Have you all thought about trying Airborne? Not sure how it works but maybe it would help a little before school every morning.