Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our 2012 Challenge

Hey ladies,
Here it is almost 2012.  So dig into those stash boxes and bags and come up with your favorite 12 challenges to stitch for 2012. 
These can either be new starts or UFO's, or knitting and crocheting challenges.  Whatever your little stitching heart desires.  List them here so we can all share and talk about them. We can also post some pictures of our progress.  It will be lots of fun.  We all had a busy year in 2011 and we didn't get to write so much, so let this be another challenge for us.  To keep busy with our stitching and do lots of writing about it too. 
I am off to make my list.  Hope you will all be posting your lists soon.  You have until  December 12th to get them listed, so hurry up.
Love to all, Sharon


  1. Woohoo-a 2012 Challenge! I have a few items in mind already!

  2. It is past 12-12-11 and nobody has posted a list. Anybody doing it?

  3. I've been gathering my projects together and am going to post my list in a minute.